Stock Broker Value proposition

The “Online Brokerage Branch” solution will provide quick accessibility to corporate, retail and foreign clients while converting your inactive clients to become active again. 

The visibility of your brokerage firm will increase exponentially by becoming relevant, engaging and valuable. 

You can now start communicating with your vast retail client base effectively. 

The Front-end trading solutions will empower your investors to trade, anywhere.

Stock Broker Services

The service for your brokerage firm include:

  • New Financial Web Portal promoting your unique content, focal point for training curriculum, PR activities and building your brand.


  • Content Management System, that will enable you to easily upload all relevant content to your target audience and decide who can consume what. Linked to a global platform, exposing your company and your content to a global audience of investors and researchers.


  • Front-end Trading Solutions enabling new and existing clients to increase trading activities.