Pro 10+ (Add-ons)

Technical Scanner / Stock Screener / IPO View

  • Technical screener to scan the whole market based on set technical indicators based condition, to dig deep in finding winning stocks
  • Powerful fundamental screener to easily screen the entire market and find the best opportunities before others.
  • Extensive coverage for IPOs and Secondary Issues with access to original prospectuses to explore new opportunities in new stocks coming into the market.
  • 360-degree company coverage for Saudi Market; including company financials, corporate actions, dividend data, company events, announcements and many more.
  • Customized Watch Lists to keep a track of the stocks to follow, market moving News and Exchange Announcements, Top Performing Stocks based on various criteria, Heat Maps to highlights best and worse stocks and sectors with very easy to understand graphical representations to keep you up-to-date and engaged with the market activities.