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Consistent innovation is an art that DirectFN has mastered over the years. DirectFN's name is synonymous for bringing contemporary industry leading solutions and services to the Capital Market eco-system.


Advanced end to end technical 
solutions targeted towards established 
Institutional Members and startups alike 
with integrative and front to back 
architectural deployment.


Real time access to market data, news, charts and corporate actions as well as comprehensive analytical dashboards, personalized and conditional watch lists. 


Innovative regulatory, risk and supervisory technology and service offerings that range from consulting, integrative and managed end to end solutions, to specialist reporting software and ongoing training.

Anti-Money Laundering 

General Clearing Member System

Post-Trade Management System

Spotlight   NEW 

A new bottom-up build platform to provide modern-era Brokerage Management System (BMS), rather an upgrade. Built with DirectFN NTP - OMS/EMS as in-memory computing engine, together with DirectFN NextGen Trading Platform (NTP) - Front ends, and value-adding tools as end-to-end new platform. 

Built-in Performance
By design n-times faster with ‘in-memory caching’ architecture, and in-memory streaming built-in as commercial of the shelf (COTS) standard software to support Saudi Stock Exchange’s growth, as current-era brokerage system with seamless software scaling power to future-proof high-overall throughputs (trades-per-seconds) with minimal hardware dependency.

Built-in Scalability
By design software-scaling elasticity for quick and smooth software-scaling.

AGILE Delivery
Designed to facilitate fast turnaround time with agile as the foundation of NTP deliveries; keeping DevOps best practices. 

Built-in Monitoring
Designed with integrated centralized monitoring system, Falcon; for viewing utilization, tracking errors and on time alerting.

Built-in Quality 
By design NTP factors built-in ‘test-cases management’ as with-in the software application self-check automation to reach best-possible software quality assurance. 

High Availability
Designed to facilitate desired-levels of software availability and resilience with active - active load balance on n- nodes. 

NTP designed to facilitate seamless externalization thru API-gateway, as single-entry point to the platform. 

Fintech Accelerator 

Our innovation pipeline



Internationally recognized robo-advisory operational model as an commercial-of-the-box solution. DirectFN's Robo-Advisory solution provides automated investment advice to clients, based on mathematical rules or algorithms linked to the client's risk profile. 


HIVE (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Capital Market Participants use antiquated methods to transact – Its legacy of paper therefore we designed a frictionless Smart Contract and Digital Ledger eco-system to verify & execute transactions.



Fueling the universal access to wealth creation through modern mobile brokerage app UX/UI. By empowering the masses through an easy-to-use – one click trading, emoji-filled notifications, and immediate gratification platform. All engineered to simplify a complex closed off investment landscape.


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